Like whatsapp was not burning enough relationships when the developers launched a new app WhatsDog. I personally know a lot of couples who got victimized by last seen time stamp and the blue ticks of death. So, let me introduce you another app which shall be call “relationships killer” is WhatsDog. The app once installed in your phone tracks the online activity of the person you want to spy. A good news for some people having doubts on their partners is that this app lets you track the online activity even if you have been blocked by that person. It will still tell you when the person came online and for how much time. Even more, there’s a reminder also which sent you a push notification on your home screen whenever the person will go online. Sounds really dangerous right..?? and trust me it is..

The app is available on Play store for free. Below you can find a complete go through on how this app works with the screenshots.

Once the app is installed in your android phone, an icon with green dog will appear. Click on this green dog to launch the app.









Once clicked, you have to click on Start to enter the number of the person you want to track.










Now you can either select a contact from the phonebook or enter any number manually.PicsArt_1427434534514



Once the number entered, it will ask you for a final confirmation.










Now, if you have got the below screen then… Congrats!!! you are done.










Whenever the person will come online, WhatsDog will track its online activity and save the log for you. It will keep on saving the log even after you have exit the app as shown below.









You can even the silent the push notifications from the settings. In the trial version, you can only mute the notifications for maximum of 1 day. After that you have to again go into settings and mute the notifications.









Happy Spying guys.. and God forgive me for telling you about this weapon. :p