First of all many congratulations for this great news that your ex is getting married. Now, there could be two scenarios at this moment; the first one is that you are too much happy for your ex. And why you shouldn’t be happy dude..? Your ex-lover is getting married, at last he/she is happy now and don’t you remember? True love seeks happiness of the other person and sacrifices their own (lol). Well, but you are here on this blog so the first scenario can’t be correct and hence the second scenario; you are so much depressed by this news that you are thinking about your relationship and the time and moments every second, trying to find out answers that what you could have done more to make him / her stay, what you can do now to calm yourself and feel less depressed. The hidden devil inside you might be hammering your thoughts and giving them some evil ideas that shall you go on and spoil his/her marriage.

Trust me I know how bad and depressed you must be feeling right now. As a human being it’s our nature to think dig and jump in our own thoughts trying to find out the answers to the most invalid questions like why he/she don’t love you anymore.. how he/she moved on so easily when you are still here.. if I could have done a lil more to make him/her stay but hold on. . . Stop blaming yourself and put a full stop on your thoughts. You might be responsible for some extent but not completely responsible for the break up between you guys. There aren’t any conditions in love and if the love is conditional then its not love at all. If your ex broke up with you because you were not settled in your life, you weren’t the “douchebag” every girl used to talk about or you lack in any other xyz thing then its better that your ex left you. Ask yourself that why did you guys broke-up. if the reason is that your ex was going around with somebody else then stop thinking like a looser that you might have loved him/her a lil more. Your ex started dating somebody else because he/she seeks new adventures at various intervals of time. So, in a sense, you are kinda lucky dude. Its good he/she left before you got married. Be positive and think how you would have felt if after marriage he/she dated someone.

Anyways, we can’t forget the truth that your ex is getting married and you are feeling depressed and bad like hell. And the amount of depression is equally proportional to how happy she is and how good his/her fiancée looks like (true right..? ;). The bad mood and depression can make you evil and different ideas might come to your mind that how you can spoil your ex’s marriage but hold your horses. Remember that saying “on the path of revenge, always dig 2 graves”. He/she might put harassment charges on you for bothering him/her which is not a very good thing for you. Ultimately you will be blamed for everything. When the other person don’t want you then why you are still after that person. I know that’s really hard to overcome this phase but sooner or later you have to accept this fact you loved a wrong person. And now you can’t do anything to make them love you again because on the first place they never loved you. You were just their need and if you still feeling that its your fault then I will say that I have seen a lot of couples who fight like France and Germany but the next day are seen kissing and cuddling. The reason behind their strong and successful relationship is very simple, they love each other. You and your ex never loved each other to that extent. You might have loved (guessing because you’re here on this blog) but your ex dint because if he/she have loved you then they would have done the exact thing to get back to you. All the things that you did. Let this phase be over now. Start a new chapter. There are a plenty of fishes in the sea and you will find another. You are feeling bad right now because of a scientific theory that human brain is just like a laptop hard disk, nothing can be erased but overwritten. You will stay screwed till the time you don’t find another partner who can spend time with you, hang out with you, kiss you, hug you and make you feel their priority. Only then all those memories will be overwritten and you will be happy again. Till then you have to be strong. You are not the only one in this world who is going through this phase. This has happened with so many other people also. People lie, people fake feelings, people betray and that’s how this world works. So be positive and think that whatever happens, happens for a reason. I know many people have told you to move on as you deserve someone better and trust me they are very true. That’s not the end. You are sad only because you are alone at this point of time. Time heels everything if you want to move on.

However, if the devil inside you has been awaken then my advice to you will be that whatever you do just do it after watching some crime movies. Don’t go on the battlefield and share all pics and info to his/her fiancée or to friends with your name. Use some other email IDs and alias :p. Just play it intelligently and go on destroy your ex. And yea.. for a month or two you will definitely feel good but when this all will be calmed down and all is done, you will be back here only. The only best thing you can do is just don’t let your ex know that they have taken a toll on you. Go out, look good and get a new girl/guy. That’s the only way you can come over or become a saint and start practicing Yoga and meditation as I have seen quite a few people doing that also to come out of their breakups with success.

Anyways, I hope all above said is somewhere close to whats happening in your life right now but let me tell you “EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE SOON AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY AGAIN”. Just let your ex go to hell, you truly deserve someone better and you will find him/her. Everybody does. 😉

Please feel free to leave any comments if you like or wish to discuss here. I will feel good talking to you.