It’s not uncommon for your pets to be frightened of the sound of firecrackers or other loud sounds around Diwali. These types of fears can develop even when your pet has no previous traumatic experiences associated with loud noises and sound. Almost all fear related problems can be easily resolved with proper treatment and care. However, if left untreated, your pet’s fearful behavior can probably get worse over time.

The most common behavior problems connected with loud noises and sound are destruction and escaping. We should understand that animals have a much stronger hearing power than humans and what seems as a loud sound to us, it may be unbearable for your pet. Dogs are also very sensitive to the noises and vibrations which is the reason why a lot of dogs get very disturbed on Diwali.

Here are some very useful tips for you about making your pet feel safe and protected this Diwali.

1. A tired dos is a calm dog. Make sure your dog is as exhausted as possible. An exhausted dog doesn’t get excited easily and the anxiety level stays low.

2. Keep the medication ready ahead of time. if your pet is sound sensitive, call your vet today and tell them about the situation of your dog. He would be able to suggest some good tranquilizer for your dog to help him remain calm.

3. keep your pet in a room where its calm or with minimum windows and doors or atleast less noisy. An important thing is to notice that where your dog runs to hide when it gets frightened because of the sound. Make sure he has access to his safe-house in this case.

4. Keep the windows and curtains closed during Diwali. An excited dog can loose control and jump out through window if the anxiety levels get high..

5. Keep conversing with your dogs to draw his attention and to ensure him that everything is fine and you are there with him..

6. Another thing that might work is to feed your pet his favorite treat when he gets scared after a loud noise. This might help him feel a more safe.

7. Keep your pet entertained. keep him/her engaged in any activity that catches his/her attention. If you´re having a house party, make sure your pet has a few people that he/she is familiar with.

8. If your dog allows, you can try putting ears in his/her ears like we humans do.

9. Keep your pets as well as children away from the pets. Make sure your dog never lick any of the fire cracker as they contain harmful toxic contents which can cause serious problems.

10. Last but the most important, love your pet as much as you can on this tough night for him/her. Your love is the most important factor which will give him all the emotional and moral support he/she require. Play with him/her, keep him/her with you, don’t leave him/her alone and everything will be just fine.


What you must NOT do:

1. Never punish your pet for getting afraid. Punishment will only make it more fearful and worse.

2. Don’t try to force accustom your pet to the fire crackers noise as it might frighten him and make him escape him from your custody and which might ultimately make him/her lost in that night.

3. Obedience classes will make your dog less afraid of loud noises and sound and can help boost its general confidence.

If you have any other suggestion or seek an advise, please drop in at the comments section below.

Wish you and your furry friend a very Happy and safe Diwali and a prosperous new year ahead..