WhatsApp just launched one of the video calling feature in the app on 15th Nov ’16. Based on the feedback from its over a billion monthly users, WhatsApp finally decided to roll out Video calling feature in the new version for both Android and IOS users.

In a conversation with Neeraj Arora, Head of Business (India) said that Video calling is a big step forward. It is in line with our mission, we want to make sure we give every possible way for people to stay in touch with their families and friends. Video calling is the most immersive experience and something that makes you feel really close to somebody else..

The WhatsApp video calling feature was even available in the beta mode for some users since a couple of days nut now been rolled globally for all users.

Whatsapp with video calling feature


The Video Calling feature comes with in the new version of WhatsApp version 2.16.17 and can be downloaded or updated from Play store or App store.

To make a Video call, the user has to open the chat window and look for the video call icon on the top right corner. On clicking the icon, it will place a video call to the other user.

Whatsapp video calling icon

The Video Calling feature is designed to work similar to the audio calling feature which switches its quality automatically depending on the network speed you are getting.

Going back in 2009, when WhatsApp was built for a simple messaging app, it has come a long way now with not just text messaging, but other features like desktop access, emojis, audio & video calling and end to end encryption of calls and messages.

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